A new business unit is born in Fontemaggi: dedicated to Interior Design

A new business unit is born in Fontemaggi: dedicated to Interior Design

Fontemaggi is happy to share an important news, which, in a near future, is likely to generate joint venture and partnership of high value: we are talking about the opening of a new business unit, completely dedicated to interior design, which in the first months of life since last Spring has already brought interesting results.

The idea of enlarging its own horizons is born, by the way, during the months of global Covid-19 pandemic that has, as is generally known, been a moment of paralysis in the industry of trade shows and big events. Relying on its know-how and a ductile team of technicians, artisans and creatives, Fontemaggi has looked out for a world new for them, yet with a high affinity to the one they are working in since years with excellent results.

“From our experience in the exhibition of trade shows and events,” — confirm Angelo Fontemaggi and Katia Celli, founder and CEO of the company — “a new business unit is born, dedicated to the design of showrooms, retail shops, design contract and private houses. Exploring the market, we actually realised that there is a market segment, the one of interior design indeed, in which professionals with our knowhow, background and experience, can fit in successfully.”

Fontemaggi Srl works as a general contractor along architects and interior designers and creates tailor-made furnishings, finding solutions for each space and realising unique and personalised furnishing elements. From its project phase to those of the selection of materials, until the realisation, production and mounting, Fontemaggi is the partner of reference for its own customers, wether they are private customers or professionals, to realise their dreams.

From this new road, that does not supersede at all, but goes along with the road Fontemaggi has taken in the industry of booth and displays, will grow new occasions for collaborations and partnerships, permitting the company to grow and develop.


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