Values and Vision

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"The unlike is joined together, and from differences results the most beautiful harmony." (Heraclitus)We construct harmony of spaces and people, which contribute to the harmony of the universe.
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I strongly believe that the best companies in the future will be the most diverse, will embrace inclusion and diversity, and I hope it becomes a part of the history of the business world. We believe you can only create a great product with a diverse team.” (Tim Cook)
Diversity is the value of the fantasy, of the creation, of the cultural melting pot necessary for progress and growth in each branch.
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"The noblest search is the search for excellence” (Lyndon Johnson)
We are tirelessly in search of excellence as it is the only search in which our mission of being human, professionals and creatives accomplishes itself
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"Reach goals having fun is the basis” (Andrea Lucchetta)
Only by having fun you create something able to amaze. That is why entering the Fontemaggi offices, the first sound you’ll hear is he one of laughter.
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“Beauty will save the world” (The Idiot, Fëdor Dostoevskij)
Alice Walker sustains that whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own should, that is why we have chosen to work creating beauty wherever we are. Because beauty is necessary for the heart of men and the world.
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Continuous Improvement

“Quality means satisfying the customer's needs and exceeding their own expectations by continuing to improve.” (William Edwards Deming)
Each day we renew our promise to be better than the day before: as men and women, business owners, employees and collaborators. Because each step ahead, improving ourselves, is a step ahead in the improvement of our company, our small universe.
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Social Commitment

“If everyone did what he can, the world would definitely be a better place.” (José Saramago)
The world we want to leave to our children is not a better world than the one we are living in today, as business owners and as a company we have chosen to follow a humanistic ethic in which the value of the people can never be put in doubt. We believe that only this way, by never forgetting the preciousness of each single human being, a company has a sense of existence in the future of the planet.

Our Vision

We strive for diversity, beauty and excellence. We believe and recognise the unique and inalienable value of each human being, understood as an individual of priceless value, able to contribute with their caratteristica, their culture and sense to make this world continuously a better place to live in. That is why we engage to stimulating each day the exchange of ideas and thoughts, convinced that only by comparing our diversities we could create a future of beauty for everyone.

We do this this by having fun, imagining the smiles that will appear on our faces once the work is done, e those even larger we’ll see on the faces of our customers. We do it with joy because there is joy in engaging and aiming for excellence, which is our finish line, what we aim for sure that the mere tendency for excellence can realise a better world for our children and for the generations to come. Because the future needs companies made of responsible women and men who feel involved in creative, ethical and humanistic processes.

We have decided to do our part, as human beings and as a company, and that is why we have chosen and continue to choose to become better, studying and training ourselves continuously. Together: each with their proper talents, skills, their own irreplaceable identity, in harmony between us and with others, smiling at life which starts over every morning when we enter the company, meet with a customer and work to realise with them and for them the beauty of a new project.

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