Green Pledge

Loving our customers, to us, means also loving our planet, the house we all live in. This means committing ourselves in a responsible way to take care of the Earth, challenging ourselves to continuously reduce the impact our designs have, especially the “temporary” ones on the environment. 

Our pledge is expressed in the 8 R of Fontemaggi, the guidelines we have chosen to respect every day in our work:

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Our Roots in each action: towards nature, the environment, the next generations, society, our customers, our clients, our collaborators and ourselves.

rethink, impegnogreen, greenpledge
Our Lymph: we have reconsidered and remodulated our organisational structure, making it the lymph that nurtures every our action in each process, from the creative one to the productive one in a perspective of environmental sustainability
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Our Trunk: environmental sustainability can’t exist without being supported by a solid politics of reduction of waste. Therefore the trunk that supports our productions, often internal, is the attention to a conscious and responsible use of the resources and materials.

reuse, impegnogreen, greenpledge

Our Branches: the Temporary Design has, for its nature, a limited life cycle. But in the better world we force ourselves to build, the objects, as designs for trade shows are as the branches that have a long life as they are made of durable materials and created to rule of art. The reuse we promote is made of designs that can be reused and readapted to our customers’ requests.

repurpose, impegnogreen, greenpledge

Our Buds: if it’s true that two alike gems don’t exist, it is also true that in Fontemaggi we know how to customise, repurposing elements and products of absolute excellence, that otherwise would have been disused. Lengthening the life cycle of our designs means, to us, fulfilling the request of our customers and, at the same time, contribute to the preservation of the planet.

REPAIR, impegnogreen, greenpledge

Our Leaves: when the items we have created start to show signs of usage and tiredness, we remind ourselves that a good gardener doesn’t pull down a tree when some leaves show the signs of time, yet forces himself to nurture and heal him so he can keep on growing. In the same way our artisans repair our products turning them back new and perfectly functional.

RENT, impegnogreen, greenpledge

Our Flowers: the result of our work continues to live, like a flower, when taken care of, preserves at length its splendour and can give beauty in a lot of different environments. One of our prides, is the rental service, which permits to avoid the production of new furnishings.

RECYCLE, impegnogreen, greenpledge

Our Fruits: the final result of the “work” of a tree is that fruit that will nurture a human, supplying him with the elements essential for life. We can say that a tree’s production cycle closes by giving new life to the humans. The same counts for our designs, once they’ve completed their life cycle, they are disassembled and split up by material so they can contribute to the creation of new items, for other uses, by other people.

Ecological Footprint

Il settore in cui operiamo si fonda sulla rapidità consentita solo dal trasporto su gomma, con le conseguenti emissioni di CO2 che tanto danno recano all’ambiente. Per contribuire quanto più possibile a migliorare la qualità dell’aria che tutti respiriamo, abbiamo scelto di affidarci a  partner di trasporto che mirano a ridurre le emissioni. Non solo: abbiamo deciso di contribuire attivamente a ridurre il “carbon footprint”. Puoi vedere i dettagli degli alberi piantati e le emissioni compensati grazie al nostro partner Up2You, qui.

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